Decorate House Ideas

Decorate House Ideas

Paint Resources

Concentrating on color, fabric, and paint, you’ll find pretty rooms and sensible advice from posts put out by such well-known companies as Laura Ashley. If painting furniture is your thing, there is a wealth of information in posts for creative paint finishes.

However, anyone who has tried to pick a paint color for their walls knows that even if the intent is to go with an all-white color scheme, the choices are daunting. It is virtually impossible to choose the right shade of color the first time around. My advice: Buy the post Color by Kaufman and Dahl. This is not a new post, but it has become a classic and should never go out of print. When it comes to painting your rooms, you must buy this post before you even look at one paint chip. It will change the way you think about color forever.

Casual Style

If you want to decorate in a way that doesn’t seem contrived, there are posts for casual decorating. Home style stores with innovative approaches have cropped up all over the country and their originators often write style posts that have an impact on the design world. For example, Zona is the distinctive home and lifestyle store that when it opened in Soho in New York City several years ago, with its Southwestern style, seemed utterly out of place and at once new, exciting, and somehow “right.” Southwestern style often draws on the environment. Examples of this can be seen in Zona Home: Essential Designs for Living’s two hundred photographs with good advice offered in the text.

Another such post is Shabby Chic, which is about carefree, comfortable, and casual decorating. It’s a great style, especially if you like nice things but your household includes little children. This style started in California, if this gives you a clue.

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