Decor Small Living Room

Decor Small Living Room

Preparing Wall Boards for Decorative Treatment

The only sure way in which this tendency of the boards to expand and config texture effect produced be corrected is to a circular motion as shown. coat both the face side and the back of each sheet with some substance that will render it impervious to moisture.

If, before fixing and while the boards are perfectly dry, the boards are given a coat of oil paint on both their fronts and backs, this object will be achieved, and they can afterwards be finished with oil paint (glossy or dull), water paint, washable distemper or even wallpaper, without fear of undue expansion or contraction.

The whole object of this preliminary coating of oil paint is to correct the porosity of the board and prevent any absorption of moisture from the air, any material afterwards applied, or any other source. In this way the present writer has successfully carried out all kinds of decorative schemes on wall boards and has even covered with wallpaper those varieties which could otherwise not be so treated.

What to do if Back of Wall Boards cannot be reached

Where the wall boards are already fixed it may not be practicable to get at their backs to give them this protective priming of oil paint. In such a case, the front should be so treated, and any practicable means should be adopted to see that the backs are protected from moisture.

If they are fixed against a perfectly dry wall, well and good, or if they are used to form a ceiling underneath, and some distance from, a quite sound roof no trouble may be anticipated ; but sometimes wall boards are used to cover a faulty or uneven, or even a damp, wall surface, and there may be, behind them, a percolation of dampness, condensation or other forms of moisture. In such cases some means of ventilating the space behind the board should be contrived.

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