Decor For Small Living Room

Decor For Small Living Room

Assessing the Use of a Room

Are you getting the best use out of your rooms? Often a room can be used to better advantage depending on the season. A decorator friend switches his dining and living rooms in summer and winter.

Sometimes it’s fun to create a new look with the changing of seasons. If a furniture arrangement is bothersome in any way, move the furniture around until you come up with a better arrangement. If you’ve been living with the same furniture for many years, buy something new to shake things up. Get rid of the one thing you’ve always disliked but felt you shouldn’t part with because it was a relative’s or it cost a lot or it’s been in your life through several moves. The only good reason to keep something is because it works and you love it. Strangely, when something goes, it’s easier to get a replacement than it is to get the replacement first and then remove the offensive item.

Making It Work

A house doesn’t become a home until you’ve moved things around, removed, added, replaced, and actually lived in the space for some time. If you’re just starting out, keep this in mind: Most designers strive for a classic look. Subtlety and restraint are more durable than flashiness.

Perfecting Our Need

Every time a new home catalog arrives in my mailbox I drool over the lush bedroom ensembles and routinely check off all the new bedding I want. This usually leads to a complete overhauling of my linen closet because to buy new linens means there must be room for them. In the end I pare down my desires, but this is a good way to keep perfecting the original designby weeding out the old and adding a little at a time.

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