A cultural fusion of senses Bali home design

A magnet for countless painters, sculptors and designers from around the world, Ubud is the cultural centre of Bali. Local art forms-painting, stone and wood carving, silver work-still take place on a daily basis. It is therefore natural that this location in the Sayan district was chosen as the site for the Gaya “Fusion of Senses” Gallery. As one of the many initiatives launched in recent years to promote cultural and artistic exchange, the Gallery is an arts and cultural centre designed to develop and promote young local and foreign artists as well as to encourage international exchange. Run by two young, talented Italian designers, the Gallery already houses many world-class designs by contemporary designers and artists.

The two-storey building-in local wood and stone- is striking for its avant-garde, almost spaceship-like form (see left). Two ramp-like geometrical forms of palimanan stone and wood flank the oblong entrance in the middle. The unusual thatched roof that shelters the entire first floor is built in traditional along along. This top level is open on all four sides to allow full view of the beautiful surrounding countryside from the restaurant and bar. The ground floor is entirely given over to various design and painting exhibitions, as well as live cultural and musical performances.

An unusual lamp in black bamboo and wood poses with a pencil drawing and a metal oil burner with a palimanan stone base.

The living area, designed in a spare contemporary style, showcases the Italian designers’ ideas in furnishings and interiors. The boxy design of the chunky rattan sofa is duplicated in the print of the cushions. In the foreground is an old mat from Borneo. A large portrait by Filippo Sciascia looks on.

Inspired by local tradition, this oil and essence burner, made of iron and polimanan stone, is displayed together with a ceramic and coconut wood incense burner.

At the back of the gallery, a wooden bridge over a narrow decorative pool leads to a small garden, heralded by a contemporary stone sculpture by Quarzia.

The furnishings in this bedroom include a chair in coconut and teak wood, a ‘fish trap’ table lamp, and an oil on canvas by Filippo Sciascia.

There is a very modernist feel of pared down lines in this bath room, despite the spare furnishings, as the focus is on surfaces and textures. Against the white smoothness of the palimanan stone wall, a rustic bamboo ladder is decorated with beautiful silk sarongs. The black stone hanging vase, with its bold curves, is a special point of interest.

A candle holder in wood and palimanan stone.

A close-up look at two of many supple Balinese figures in the gallery.

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