Crafted precision Bali home design

In 1992, Giuseppe Verdacchi began designing and producing furniture and furnishing accessories in Bali. His creations are based on the goal of achieving a balance of volumes and also on defining the message an object should communicate within its context. Beppe, as the architect-designer is otherwise known, deliberately refrains from adhering to any one architectural school of thought. He goes about designing and producing his pieces in an extremely methodical way. Hence, the interaction between surfaces, the definition of their lines of contact, the way the different parts are conjoined, and the weights of the respective materials, are all extremely important considerations to him.

1. This tiny container, skilfully concocted from coconut, silver and semi-precious stones, is playfully named “joker”, as it resembles a jester!

2. A teakwood writing desk with ebony inserts is accompanied by a movable multifunctional cabinet, made up of four hinged columns on wheels.

3. An innovatively designed relaxing chair in teakwood, teak plywood, copper and hand-woven fabric.

4. This narrow cabinet is crafted out of teak plywood and set on a palimanan ivory stone base.

5. A dining room sideboard made of merbau tropical wood and black lava stone. At centre,

6. In the foreground salt and pepper shakes made of shell, silver and ebony. The elegant oil and vinegar containers are made of recycled glass and silver and set on a teak-wood base.

7. An elegant set of cutlery, achieved in ebony, mother-of-pearl, silver and coral.

8. This is a daybed made for the outdoors, in ivory sandstone and solid teakwood.

9. A stand-alone teak bathroom cabinet on a black lava stone base functions as a display showcase for a collection of small bottles.

10. These display cabinets, set on an ivory palimanan stone base, are perfect for storing small bathroom accessories.

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