This is a caution tutorial on how to make the paper bag princess in her handy dragon from Robert Vinci’s book, if you’ve a princess so this is the paper bag princess costume made out of a paper bag and this is a dragon costume made in Affeldt and three-fitty yeah it’s really cute it’s ripping for couples or, if your best friend isn’t mind being a dragon you can do that way too okay serious they’re off on how to make the princess costume you need a paper compost day that you get from Walmart.

So you can off the bottom of the paper bag. So that it’s just a big long rectangle piece of paper and then you’re gonna measure it around yourself to see how big you are and make sure you have to take this on and off and it doesn’t stretch at all. So I literally have to do is like weird wiggle dance, when I’m trying to take it off it’s pretty larious yeah so make sure that you do have a little bit of room, when you are measuring it for yourself and then what you’re gonna do is fold the edges together and staple it or hot glue it together. So that just a big brown cylinder and then you pick one of your openings and you’re gonna fold the one piece of fabric over fabric let me sit paper over the other and glue it so it’s kind of just this top see then what you’re gonna do is cut it up date metal and armholes.


And I make the arm holes pretty big like don’t make them small make them see it move around and then the final thing you do is put that on and figure out how long you want it to be and then you’re gonna cut it and also cut any little like half moon circles I don’t know what they are for does anyone know why paper bags have those okay and then you’re gonna cut out the little circle thing I cut it out on the front and the back um and the final touch that I did oh yeah the Hat okay so the crown it’s a little mini crooked crown for crowns kinda like broken and all that and everything you know she was like attacked by dragon so in each new for the crown is get playing bristol board or gold bristle board and, if you don’t have gold purse award then just maybe paint it yellow or gold, if you have a white purse or the shape doesn’t have to be exact you can be a little bit messy with it. Because it is supposed to be kind of broken and tattered and then you’re just going to cut that out and then roll it and fold it I use the water bottle to kind of set my circle and then I glued it there and then the final way to put it onto your head is I took some extra felt that I have from the dragon cost you cut a little strip and then put it on sewed it awesome it glued it into the bottom and then just took a bread and cooked it on my head there’s just some things that I finish up the classroom I added a belt a rope belt you’re gonna want to pick things that she would find in the forest so a paper belt or a rope belt or any other kind of organic material and just tie just to giving you a little bit more shape. Because it I did look kind of boxy and manly, when it was my all tied a little bit of brown eyeshadow dirt to it I can’t really get my nails I did it to my face and choose my hair. Because I was hacked by a dragon, and we made dragons okay now finish a post okay so this is how you make the dragon costume so you’re gonna start out with a green hoodie or a red hoodie or an orange hoodie or yellow hoodie any color hoodie um preferably plain.

So that you don’t have writing down the side I got this one from air balloons only like $15 on clearance I just have writing across the front which you can kind of see. But you cover it up with the big belly and then the other thing you’re gonna need is belts for the ears the spines and the sock thank you so the first thing you’re going to do is cut out little ear shapes and then you’re going to sew around the edges and then turn them inside out and stuff them with extra felt and then you’re going to sew them to the hood or you can glue them and then you do that twice see how years the next thing you need to do is to cut out little triangles for the spine we have ten here and you’re in our range them from really really small and small to the on the tail to a bigger one in the middle back you’re going to cut out those triangles you’re going to fill them just like me to the ears sew around the edges turn them inside out stuff them with extra little five strips of felt and then hold them up and glue them all along the spine or the back okay well before you finish that you need to get make tails. So I just took a square eight-and-a-half by eleven piece of felt and rolled it and then sewed it up so it kind of made this pointy tail shape and then I just glued it on to the bottom half of this sweater and added the science to it. So I can see they’re nice and like 3d spines and then the final thing you do is sew on the belly this is three pieces of a half by eleven I think that’s the size sheets of felt.

And I just sewed them I wouldn’t you can glue them. But I wouldn’t recommend gluing them. Because, when you move it’s gonna like crackle or just not look natural so this is a little bit easier to wear and it also like, when I overlap them and make this little yellow line, if you can tell from the probably I’m not sure. But it helps good.

Because um in the book we kind to get full picture of the book he had like these big scales it’s like the sections yeah so there’s your cute plush very slash evil dragon and your cute pretty since that so that’s a great couples costume for Halloween and it’s pretty last-minute relatively cheap probably like 20 bucks 20 bucks for that guy and like five for me so thank you for reading and have a very happy Halloween.

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