Cottage Homes in a Marina Resort Community

You could have a walkout basement right out to your boat today we’re back at heritage harbor it’s an Ottawa Illinois which is about 90 minutes south west chicago you got some great cottage homes in fact we’re gonna take a look at one of them today. But before I go in tour the home I’m gonna have a little lunch and that red dog grill which is right here on the property.

And I got this great view and here check out the view not only do I have great news for lunch. But check out this burger that burger was good now let’s go check out that home now definitely charming on the outside. But wait to city inside is a lot more space than you think let’s go this one was not decorated with boy has a lot of space i was really surprised volume ceiling like that. But look at this open plan nice kitchen good for a vacation home.

Cottage Homes in a Marina Resort Community Photo Gallery

But you could also live here you around a lot of residents do really like these cabinets nice cottage feel tool glass tile backsplash it’s a nice touch that’s where your table goes you this one has three bedrooms this bedroom which could be your master is on the main level obviously Easton sighs this one has a rear garage show you that real quick so the back arrived you had the backboard access that leads into this mudroom really nice then you have this extra bedroom that a number two on the main level you know I really like how they did the windows up here you have plenty of space here to put your bed. But you get all that natural light still that’s good there’s me a lot of storage space throughout this home it is your laundry another closet and a basement the homes got a lot of space upstairs. But downstairs they have a full basement it’s unfinished. But look at the size of this this basement has a 944 you can do a lot with this good to put a whole nother bedroom down here huge rec space and look at this see that spray foam insulation this home is insulated really well and look what I just found tankless water heater lads energy efficient upstairs we have small loft area.

But a good-sized bedroom here check out this view you could put your boat slip right across the street how nice is that okay that completes our tour hope you enjoyed it I’ll put a link below. So you can learn more about the community of heritage area and all the homes they have to offer including this one um. But yeah don’t forget comment and I’ll see you next week.

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