Cool Painting Ideas For Walls

Cool Painting Ideas For Walls
Dry brushing
Dry brushing creates a rougher, more intensely dramatic effect than both glazing and colourwashing. First of all you need to apply a base coat of matt emulsion, and then pour some emulsion in your chosen top-coat colour into a paint tray.
Dip a wide, hard-bristled decorating brush into the paint and scrape off the excess against the tray’s ridges or on a wooden board. Then, with cross-hatching strokes (as with colourwashing), apply the top coat. It is very important for this effect – as the name suggests that you make sure that you keep the brush very dry and that you apply the paint in light strokes using the tip of the brush rather than its flat surface. Allow some of the base colour to show through to evoke a slightly misty effect.
For a greater depth of colour and more intensity, repeat the process, having first allowed the paint to dry thoroughly overnight, or for at least 12 hours anyway. And once again, you may wish to finish the effect with a coat of matt varnish. >
64 Walls Dragging
If you are looking for an elegant, softly striped effect which can enhance doors and wood panelling as well as walls, dragging is the technique you need to master. The background colour shows through the top coat as a series of fine, uneven stripes of colour.
Dragging requires a steady hand and is more tricky than washing or glazing, because of keeping the brushstrokes even along a run of wall. For beginners, it might be a good idea to start on a small area such as the panels of a door. If you are going to use this effect on walls, it is imperative that the surface is smooth and free of bumps ( 5657).

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