Oh oh my god doesn’t actually eat these language or hey guys welcome to our Valentine’s Day post we decided today the conversation hurt inspired DIYs this year which now comes like an even better idea after having one of these again they taste like chalk yeah they’re not good.

And I thought I was gonna break my teeth yeah so it’s better to DIY something definitely cuter looking than tasting so we’ve done DIY conversation heart pillows for you and also mini conversation hearts that you can use as like Valentine’s put on your friends locker get them into like their pocket and they’re not looking yeah so hopefully you guys enjoy these conversation hearts DIY is more than you enjoy conversation art so to start you’re going to need a large piece of white fleece, if you’re able to find pastel fleece then go for it we’re gonna take two sheets of white paper and tape them together and folding it in half trace out half a heart shape.


So we can make a template conversation hearts are usually rounder instead of longer next for the police in half and we’re gonna pin the heart template on to it and cut out two pieces of heart we’re also gonna cut out a really long strip of fleece make it long enough so that’s that it can wrap around your heart shape, and we made ours about two and a half inches thick, if you’re wondering once all the pieces are cut out we’re going to diet pastel colors we use dialogue die and rose to make this pink color to make the die we heated two cups of water in one pot and enough water to soak your entire fabric in another at the die and three teaspoons of salt to the two cups of water to make the dye solution and pour your other pot of heated water into a bucket slowly add tablespoons of the dye to the large bucket of water to create your pastel die for this rose color we used about seven tablespoons. But for a darker color like the purple we made you’re only going to need three and just play it by ear your liquid diamond look dark. But your fabric is always going to turn out lighter make sure your fabric is fully submerged and let it sit for 20 minutes checking on it along the way bring out any excess dye and let it to air dry protip, if you have a white couch or are really worried about any dye transfer make sure you run your fabric through the washing machine once all your pieces are dry we’re going to use a hot glue gun and start by placing the good sides together and we’re gonna glue along the edge do small amounts at a time and bend your large strip to fit the shape of the heart since this is just a decorative pillow for Valentine’s Day we’re fine without gluing it.

But, if you want it all year round then we recommend you sew it either hand stitch it or put it through a sewing machine once you get all the way around to the top of your heart again you’re gonna cut off any extra fabric that you may have from the long strip and then you’re just going to repeat gluing the edges together with your other side of the heart just again make sure that your good sides are together, when you glue and once you get to the end make sure you leave a couple inches open. So that we can flip our heart inside out now we’re gonna print out what you want written on your heart one letter at a time we’re gonna cut them out and then pin the letters onto the felt and cut them out with more detail then we’re gonna hot glue our letters into place on the heart and next we’re going to stuff the heart with our pillow stuffing and last step is to use the hot glue gun to seal the rest of the edges of your pillow we made a fake text me and from the not-so fans of valentine’s day we made a nope pillow just nope nope no and for our mini valentines we used pastel foam and cut a little conversation heart shapes with tiny little messages on them with a red marker or sharpie we added little magnet strips on the back of some of them. So that you can stick them on your friends locker or your crush, when they’re not looking hope you guys like those conversation heart inspired DIYs let us know what your guys thoughts on Valentine’s Day, if you’re a fan you’re not a fan I mean I’m kind of impersonal about it well yeah different, if you love someone tell them every day of the year yeah, if you don’t buy chocolate in greeting cards and yeah yeah and don’t go bad, if you’re long and, if you guys are in the mood for any more Valentine’s Day inspired DIYs our friend Abby not this one who runs the the oh hi diary here on did some Valentine’s Day inspired t-shirts that we love and you should seriously and some aunty Valentine’s Day so make sure to check out that post here or it will be linked in the description below and, if you guys start instagrams, and we had the whole travel series is. Because we were both away maybe we looked and hope maybe we don’t.

Because back in Canada, and we both been here know it’s no like stuck to my tan instantly as soon as I landed on the plane yeah. So we are we did both post over your way your way separately, and we will edit those and they should be coming up soon so make sure you’re commentd through the story life our post blog and, if you have a little go for those we hope you guys enjoy this post, and we will be next.

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