Contemporary Home Design

Contemporary Home Design

No-sew curtains

It is possible to make curtains without sewing a single stitch. All you need are tools and materials such as fabric glue, pinking shears, hammer and nails or a staple gun and staples, an eyelet tool or curtain clips. For curtains that make use of either of the latter two items, fold and glue a wide ribbon or tape over the raw edge at the top of the fabric to finish and reinforce it.

For all these curtains, use a fabric that is wide enough to cover the window without needing joins and, if possible, one that has a self-coloured selvedge. You can leave the edges plain or you can cut, turn back and glue decorative borders such as zigzag, scallop or castellated patterns.

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Draped fabric

A very simple curtain style consists of a length of fabric, twice the height p{ the window, just thrown over a pole, with one or both layers draped to one side. To prevent the curtain sliding along the pole, reinforce and nail or staple the fabric at intervals to it.

Unlined curtains and sheers

Although they are often considered the poor relations of the curtain world, unlined curtains are among the most versatile, and in the right situation they can be beautiful. A single thickness of lightweight fabric will not excel at excluding light or draughts, but it has its own positive qualities. It will drape easily over a hold-back or on the floor. It can diffuse sunshine, creating privacy without blocking the light, and it can make an important contribution to a layered window treatment.

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