Co-Op City New York

This monster complex of apartment buildings is home to some 55, 000 people (more than the entire population of Binghamton, New York), who occupy 15, 372 individual units. In addition to its 35 bulky towers and 236 townhouses, the 300-acre site includes eight parking garages for 10, 500 cars, three shopping centers, two junior high schools, four elementary schools, a power plant, and police and fire stations. The rest is landscaped open space. In spite of its name, these are rental apartments, not cooperatives.

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They were largely funded by a consortium of labor unions in a cooperative venture.

Coop City Power Plant on the Hutchinson River, Bronx, New York City ...

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New York City (NY)/Bronx/Co-Op city |

co op city housing development bronx new york city co op city is the ...

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Merchants in Co-op City found themselves on the line for thousands of ...

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