Circles and spirals Bali home design

Dutch Carola Vooges’s work reflects her deep love for tropical nature and her fascination with natural forms. But rather than merely reproducing these forms, she removes them from their usual contexts and recasts them using enhanced sizes and new textures, thus transforming them into sensual modern objects. Of her simple and natural style, Vooges explains: “My works belong to the tradition of Constantin Brancusi and lsamu Noguchi”. A few years ago, she began her current series of sculptures, carving them out of either suar (a light fine-grained wood) or waru (a hardwood). All her art pieces are carved by hand, using traditional Balinese iron chisels, then sanded. The finish is natural and the resultant objets are brilliant and intriguing. 1. “Spiral”, an 80-cm (31-in) natural hard-wood chiselled and sanded item, is simple yet most intriguing.

2. A garden composition of natural hardwood forms: “Spike”, a 60-cm (24-in) sculpture in the foreground, resembles a huge seashell; on left is “Ridge”, a 60-cm (24-in) piece; while closer up on right is “Pyramid”, an 80-cm (31-in) artwork.

3. “Spikes”, a pair of 60-cm (24-in) and 40-cm (16-in) natural hardwood decorative pieces in the shape of seashells, sits pretty at this landing.

4. “Seeds”, 35-cm (14-in) display pieces made of natural hardwood, are perfect ornamentation for the top of a console.

5. This pair of 45-cm (18-in) natural hard-wood forms is called “Double Erosion”.

6. “Space”, a 105-cm (41-in) natural hard-wood piece, resembles a huge conch.

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