Hi we’re the star girls, and we are here to bring you another throw flip challenge you guys liked it so much last time first I think in a series and this time we’re going to Christmas I think thinking something maybe table decor. But we’re not sure we’re gonna go see what vine all right we need this I just personally really need a fruit bowl and there’s lots of options here hey man first kiss though that’s cute you just the very end right now I see a center B area Miley Cyrus can’t be seen oh my god yeah no Kelsie so this time from the thrift store we got this glass vase which we’re going to make a centerpiece with this candle that we got from the thrift store we have some fake Garland’s that we’re going to also use as decor as well as a whole bag of height as random Christmas decorations for real treat which we’re excited to kind of open up and see what’s in it yeah like a surprise man um and just like this fabric which, if you guys have seen our mantle post our whole Christmas decor theme this year is like natural woodsy so this is there a burlap color yeah we picked up this like burlap like fabric that we’re going to make it like a tablecloth or underground all right let’s go do it so the first thing we’re going to do is take this garland that we got for a dollar ninety-nine. And I love a snow – it just makes it look a little bit more expensive. So we’re just using this snow in a can spray and lightly spraying the tips with a little bit of snow.


So we have these two little Nutcracker guys which we also got from the thrift store and one of them is definitely missing an arm. But no worries you still love him so their colors are great and very Christmasy. But we kind of want to go for like a more minimal theme. So we’re going to paint those suits actually white and gold so in a bag of ornaments we got these two little snowflake ornaments.

But we’re actually going to use them as nametags for our table setting. So we used a silhouette machine to cut out these monogram names of the people that are going to be at our dinner party. But you could also freehand this as well and this is gold foil sticker paper. So we’re going to put these monograms on early we got this bass for a couple dollars from the thrift store and we’ve had this frosted glass spray for a while now and we’re actually going to do like an ombre effect making it solid at the bottom and then lightly go clear at the top so this is the table that we’re going to be decorating and this is the fabric that we got per couple dollars at the first store that’s kind of nice they just have like random sheets of fabric.

So we’re going to turn this into a table runner. So we just kind of figured out how big we want it to be and then we’re just folding in the tops we can cut a straight line this something to make the edges all nice, if you don’t want to go ahead and have them guess who has time to go and plenty of crisp ready you can just go ahead and fray by pulling out the threads and it’ll make your edge even as well okay. So we have this bag a really inexpensive artificial fluffy snow and we’re going to lay this across as kind of a base for our centerpiece and we’re just playing our frosted Bay is right in the middle I’m actually using this as a giant candle holder so here is our thrift store candle which we’re going to place inside and our frosted garlands just going to go around the candle and our two little nutcrackers which now fit perfectly with our theme we’re going to place on either end kind of as like headers to the plates for place settings you guys know that we made our little snowflakes. So we’re just going to use our regular plates.

Because you know we don’t have any china or nice plates and luckily goes with our like natural theme and then we have some a white napkin that we just had some leftover fabric and our color. So we also had these like ornaments in our little gift bag that was like $2.99, and we didn’t have a plan for them until now we figured we’re going to kind of like layered them I was like a little chandelier above our table we already cut out this piece of bristol board since we don’t have a light directly over our table to attach them to. So we’re just going to use this as like a mobile into some fishing wire to hang each of the organs and then on the other end we are going to detach one of our ornaments you can attach it loosely to for now.

So that we can see how they’re hanging like I’m serving something so are all that are centred decor piece here and now we just have to attach it to the ceiling Chris putting tape on the back of this obviously you’re doing this for the entire holiday season you can probably attach it with just some edible nail or screw or even the velcro the Korean velcro would be great Oh bleep Center it’s not alright guys. So that is our centerpiece turned out and we’re quite happy with it I’m so proud we come to the map and in total we were able to decorate an entire table setting for under $20 which is crazy yeah um and it looks great it looks very professional and it’s like recycled materials like we didn’t buy anything you can store other than the fake snow from the dollar store. But everything else was recycled, and we got our inspiration as we went like we had our bag of goodies random Christmas stuff that was like $2.99 and we’re like oh let’s make it shine earlier so it’s just great how everything together and it’s like should we try this we try this yeah so while you might not be able to find the exact things that we have since it was from toy store yeah I’m sure you can find somewhere type things and hopefully he’s an inspiration, when you guys go and try and deceive yourself yes and so this is a series that we’re doing the thrift flip series we’ve done one before and you guys seem to like it.

So we’re definitely going to keep doing them you guys gave us the whole holiday decor theme for this week’s turf flip yes so for our next one that we do let us know what you’d like to see us do yeah well we might just do it like I know some girl wanna clothing too right remember what the clothing sort of clothing off cycles so that’s something we could try and do for sure definitely so thank you guys so much for reading we have lots of Christmas posts on our blog that we’re doing this time of year so go check those out and, if you liked this post like it oh and, if you loved it some it, when they send it up this time doing some different alright see you next week guys bye you.

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