Cheap Living Room Decor Ideas

Cheap Living Room Decor Ideas

Style and Comfort Have Nothing to Do with Money

I spoke to several of my friends who are editors at decorating magazines about the future of interior design. All agree that style comes from the ability to combine old and new, traditional and modern and that cost is not a factor. Most of my friends take great pride when pointing out the one yard-sale find among the beautiful antiques or expensive fabrics they own. A careful shopper can always spot a well-designed item at a discount outlet and know how to incorporate it with everything else. In the end, what something costs is less important than how great it looks with everything else. What matters is the overall effect.

Display a Sense of Humor

Whimsy is always appreciated, and a sense of humor should be displayed somewhere in your home. The element of surprise gives a room interest. For example, use something in an unexpected way, or hang art in the bathroom, where you might not expect to find it.

Spare Doesn’t Always Mean Bare

I like to edit out things that don’t have meaning, look beautiful, or add to the comfort and style of my rooms. While I like a minimal look, I also like to soften things with woods, fabrics, and objects. But I try to give each object breathing room so it will be noticed. It’s a good idea to remove things that don’t add to your life. If it just collects dust but doesn’t make you happy to look at it, pack it away for another time. It doesn’t have to go forever, and this may make it easier to decide to put it away. With our lives getting busier every day, the main theme in decorating for today seems to be carefree, elegant, and spare.

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