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Baby Room Humidifier Or Vaporizer

Baby Room Humidifier Or Vaporizer Natural fabrics Linen, cotton twill, slub cotton and calico all work well when made into unlined curtains, as do lightweight, purpose-made textiles such as striped cotton sheets, Indian hand-printed Two layers of muslin, each a different brilliant colour, are

Living Rooms Furniture Sets

Living Rooms Furniture Sets Tie-on curtains Ties can be sewn into the top of the curtain in the same manner as the tabs of a looped heading and tied around a pole. Loose ties — made of ribbon, raffia, string, or ‘invisible’ fishing line

Vibrant presentations Bali home design

The Kayu-Kayu Gallery is the result of close collaboration between Balinese art lover Tri Susila and Italian architect Giovanni D’Ambrosio. The aim was not only to form an exhibition space for presenting beautiful works by contemporary Balinese artists but also to achieve an environment

A cultural fusion of senses Bali home design

A magnet for countless painters, sculptors and designers from around the world, Ubud is the cultural centre of Bali. Local art forms-painting, stone and wood carving, silver work-still take place on a daily basis. It is therefore natural that this location in the Sayan

Living with nature Bali home design

Viewed from the pool, this house, beautifully framed by white frangipani and red coral trees (see above), is another example of contemporary architecture in present-day Bali designed by the GM architects. The main volume is defined by two layers of overlapping shingled roofs. Gently

Crafted precision Bali home design

In 1992, Giuseppe Verdacchi began designing and producing furniture and furnishing accessories in Bali. His creations are based on the goal of achieving a balance of volumes and also on defining the message an object should communicate within its context. Beppe, as the architect-designer

Radiant lights Bali home design

Based in Bali since 1998, Marc Le has nurtured his passion for wood since a young age. He began his artistic career by teaching himself the exacting craft of cabinet making, and then became an antique-cabinet restorer. Much later, he started to design cabinets

Circles and spirals Bali home design

Dutch Carola Vooges’s work reflects her deep love for tropical nature and her fascination with natural forms. But rather than merely reproducing these forms, she removes them from their usual contexts and recasts them using enhanced sizes and new textures, thus transforming them into

Trendy tropical Bali home design

Produs Trend was set up by Italian Roberto Tenace and French architect Meriem Hall for experimenting with forms and materials for interior design. The two artists design and produce unique collections using different organic materials, such as wood, bone and shell, together with fabrics,

Flower melange Bali home design

French fabric designer Dominique Seguin grew up along the Mekong river in Cambodia. As an adult she spent many years working for several fashion houses in Paris and elsewhere in Europe, then later moved back to a tropical country- this time it was to