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Since this was to be their retirement home, the Langs wanted to minimize square footage and live on one level. (They knew they would not want to be climbing a lot of stairs in the future.)

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Once the main level was completed, they decided to finish off the basement for additional living space. Separating the project into two phases allowed them to plan better and to save money. A large family room writh a fireplace and a guest bedroom were planned. Because the lot is very level, a walkout basement wasn’t feasible. So enough ground near the cabin was removed to create a rock berm and install windows. ‘‘The berm areas are maybe fifteen feet square, rather than just window wells,” Randy mentions.

The windows provide emergency egress lor the guest room and make rhe basement space more inviting.

The decorative ceiling in the bedroom is made of tin. The I^angs chose this for looks but also for function, since it allows them to access the underside of the main-level floors. “I wanted it fully accessible, Randy says. “1 didn’t want to have it ‘drywalled in.’ We have minimal drywall in the house.


With a background in construction as well as engineering, Randy performed all the wiring and electrical work himself. Wireless lighting controls that utilize radio-frequency signals activate dimming modules. The controls are completely programmable so any switch can control any light in the house.

Being on rhe job sire on a regular basis also meant Randy was able to address any questions or concerns the builders had. His engineering skills were definitely beneficial, comments Troy Gullo.

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