Best Party Decoration Ideas

Best Party Decoration Ideas

Framing a Wedding Picture
It’s easy to personalize the way you frame a wedding photograph by decorating the matte with an array of tiny rose petals. Use a toothpick to make dots of glue all over the matte. Then carefully place the petals here and there on the glue. Cover with the glass and frame.

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Making Creative Cards
Use your pressed material to create a nature scene on the front of a blank card.

Once arranged, press a piece of clear Contact paper over the front of the card so it extends beyond the edges. Press down. If necessary, use a rolling pin or a drinking glass to roll over the Contact and remove all the air bubbles.

Trim the edges so they are even with the card stock. You can make your own colorful cards with construction paper or poster board as well. Be sure to cut the cards so they fit in a standard-size envelope.

For Christmas cards, arrange two holly leaves, for example, in the comer of the card. Use a red pen to draw the holly berries then write your message with a gold pen. Or, create a leaf border all around the card.
Kid’s Photos and Drawings
Grandparents love to receive photographs of their grandchildren, or the kids’ drawings as gifts.

Decorate the cover of a photo album with pressed flowers and fill with photos you’ve taken throughout the year. Or, use the pressed flowers to decorate the edges of the photos on each page. For example, if you took pictures of the kids jumping in the leaves last fall, press a few fall leaves and add them to the pages of the photo album.

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