Best Office Decoration For Christmas

Best Office Decoration For Christmas

Getting set up for decorating doors and windows involves little financial outlay. Compared to other decorating materials, paints, stains, oils and varnishes are inexpensive, though the cheapest is not necessarily the best; cheap paint contains extenders which fill up the can on the shelf in the shop but reduce its covering power at home. You do not need any special clothing (except for safety gear if you are using chemical strippers), just old, comfortable things which you do not mind getting splashed. The most expensive items are likely to be electrical equipment, such as a hot-air gun for stripping old varnish or paint, and a set of good-quality brushes. View these as an investment, to last you for many years.

A A pair of Spanish-style wooden doors has a flower motif carved into each panel, and paintwork which is so distressed that it remains in only a few mottled patches. Doors bought from reclamation yards sometimes still have attractive layers of old paint.

In this house belonging to a designer of woven textiles, the colour scheme uses old-fashioned paints in sumptuous colours from the English National Trust range dead flat (matt) oil on the doors and woodwork, and estate emulsion (which has a chalky rather than a rubbery finish) on the walls.

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