Best New Home Designs

Best New Home Designs

Valance track.

This can be bought with track, or separately and added on later to most types of curtain track with the help o brackets and extension arms. Plastic valance track is easy to bend to shape.


These can be sewn into the hem oi -curtain to give it added weight and help it hang well. They come in tv forms buttons and tape. Buttons are round weights with holes in the middle for sewing in place. If it is n sewn in position, a button weight will. In time, gradually move along the bottom of the curtain. Leadweigh tape consists of a narrow tube of fabnc containing small cylindrical weights which is placed in a continuous tine along the bottom of the curtain hem-

Cord tidy.

This small plastic shape solves the problem of what to do with the strings of a heading tape after the curtain has been gathered up. The strings are simply wound around the cord tidy, which is then tucked into one of the pockets in the tape. The strings should never be cut off; if they are, the curtain heading cannot be pulled flat for cleaning or alterations.

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