Best Living Room Designs For Small Spaces

Best Living Room Designs For Small Spaces

Collecting folk art This pair of wh imsical Holsteins were hand-carved in Pennsylvania and are a charming example of the folk art that is alive and well in America.

Rural sophistication The country look thrives on the meeting of opposites: this is an irreverent marriage of sacred and profane. A small cherubic Atlas bears a marble slab, upon which stands an ecclesiastical lamp – quite at home amidst back-door clutter. The grand-looking marble jigsaw floor is actually extremely practical and cost next to nothing; it was made from monumental masonry offcuts, embedded in concrete.

Rustic simplicity Here everything is simple and natural-from the herringbone brick floor and soft grey clapboard walls, to the humble ticking on the sofa and the white painted wicker chair. This is an unpretentious formula that exudes a restful air of calm relaxation. It is a look that relies on careful forethought the warm and welcoming glow is due to the fact that the room was planned to take full advantage of the path of the setting sun.

Think precise – wooden kitchen implements in a terracotta pot with the odd bit of quarry tile and wood can be attractive in their own right, but the intrusion of a single yellowed plastic spatula in the composition will reduce a promising still life to an untidy bunch of kitchen equipment.

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