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Best Home Painting Ideas

Best Home Painting Ideas
Preparing to paint
Before starting to paint, remove as much furniture as possible. Cover the remainder with dust sheets and the floor with plastic sheeting. Protect window frames with masking
2 Wash down the walls with a sponge and a solution of detergent.
3 Use a squeegee mop and a solution of detergent to wash the ceiling.
4 Before painting, prepare the surface, using a wide-bladed scraper to remove flaking paint.
Filling cracks
1 Use a filling knife or scraper to remove any debris from larger cracks.
2 Remove any remaining dust with a soft-bristled paintbrush, or you could use a vacuum cleaner hose.
3 Fill the crack with a filling knife. Fill deep cracks in layers, allowing 24 hours’ drying time between each.
4 When the filler is dry, gently smooth the crack with a sheet of sandpaper wrapped around a sanding block tape. Cover anything you do not wish to paint, such as a radiator, with plastic sheeting, sticking it down with masking tape. Mask areas such as a ceiling with wide tape, if you are painting the walls, and vice versa. Assemble all the equipment you will need before you start and ensure that the room is ventilated. Wear overalls, but avoid woollens as fibres may stick to the paintwork.

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