In-Ground Installations

Concrete in-ground spas can be installed independently from or in conjunction with in-ground pools. Many spa and pool combinations feature an elevated spa that spills into the pool, thereby creating a water feature that’s both inviting to look at and soothing to listen to. TheSe spas are usually surfaced with the same material plaster, stone aggregate, or tile used in the pool.

Some homeowners opt to install prefabricated acrylic or fiberglass spas alongside their concrete pools because of the better seating configurations and hydrotherapy they offer. If your prefabricated spa is being

installed below grade, your builder should create a vault, often lined with concrete, to hold your tub. A sump pump or draining system should be included in the vault if there’s a possibility of water accumulating in the vault and coming in contact with the spa’s electrical equipment.

As with a recessed installation on a wooden deck, the lip of the spa should remain above grade to prevent rainwater from running into the tub and to ensure a tight seal between the spa and the insulating cover. The surrounding deck, meanwhile, can run the gamut from patterned concrete to brick pavers to cut flagstone. You might even consider dressing up the area with an outdoor fire pit (gas or wood), outdoor kitchen, and outdoor shower. After all, this is your spa environment, so make it as simple or as luxurious as you want (or can afford).

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