Installation Insights

Options abound for designing your spa environment. Indoors or outdoors? On the deck or in the ground?

Its important to know your options before planning your hot tub installation. For example, wooden decks must be structurally sound to hold the spas weight, patio decks must drain away from the spa, and indoor rooms must have adequate ventilation. Looks, style, convenience, and cost will all play a role in your decision.

Patio, partially recessed

Wooden deck, fully recessed

Patio Deck Installations

If your spa is being placed on the ground, it must sit on a level, solid foundation. Otherwise, the spa could become damaged, and most warranties are void if the product isnt installed properly. One of the best foundations is a reinforced concrete pad at least 4 inches (10 cm) thick. Some other materials you might be able to use to create a solid foundation are bricks or railroad ties. Just make sure that the surface is stable and wont sink in spots, which could cause the spa to become unleveled.

Colored and stamped concrete, which can be designed to look like a wide variety of bricks and stones, is an increasingly popular choice for patios. Though more expensive than traditional concrete patios, stamped concrete patios are often less costly than real stone patios and are easier to maintain.

When locating your spa on a patio, consider how convenient it is to the house, how much privacy youll have from the neighbors, and how easy it will be to move around it. The cabinet door should be accessible in case equipment repairs need to be made, so position the spa accordingly.


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