Bedroom Interior Ideas

Bedroom Interior Ideas

Adding movement Although stencils can produce a formal, regular look, they can be used just as effectively to create a design with a liberating sense of movement. If you want a relaxed country look, then this cascade of autumn leaves is one solution. The base colour for the wall opposite is a deep red, though the subsequent layers of lighter tinted glazes knock back the colour to a subtle, rich tone.

The same stencil is used with varying shades of reds and oranges; both colour and positioning are deliberately random to produce the impressionistic softness bf a freehand leafstorm.

Beautiful ready-made architectural or naturalistic designs of varying complexity are easy to come by, together with ideas for using them. But designing your own stencils is easy and a source of real pleasure and you can tailor your design precisely to fit its use.

It is probably a good idea to start with something small, until you become more confident.

You could commemorate important family events in a purely personal and gratifying way – perhaps a laurel wreath punctuated by rosettes, signed and dated, to recall a prize won at a local show, or a frieze in the kitchen of cherries, strawberries and redcurrants to recall a particularly bumper year in the garden. Or shells and crabs and fernlike seaweed in dusty pink, brickdust red and olive green stencilled round the bath panels could remind you of holidays when the sun shone and the sea was benign.

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