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Bedroom Decor Ideas

Bedroom Decor Ideas

One way of making one roll of wallpaper go a very long way is by working in decoupage. The rebirth in popularity of decoupage as a craft has led to an adaptation of the technique for use on walls, so you can now dress up plain walls with borders and motifs cut from a floral or pictorial roll.
Alternatively, you could create your own motifs. Look out for strong images that would be suitable for your scheme and photocopy them in black and white or colour; enlarge or decrease them so that they are exactly the right size; and arrange them on the wall – scatter them at random or place them in a regular pattern. Initially, it is best to do this with an adhesive that allows for repositioning, such as spray mount. But when you are happy with the design, stick the images down with wallpaper paste. You may also wish to fmish ot: effect and protect it with a coat of n polyurethane varnish.
Using the same technique, you cc create a Georgian-style print room. 3. and white copies of prints, complete all the attendant bow and ribbon mow?, now widely available, but you could recr; your own with some inexpensive old pr and photocopied motifs. This finish lo particularly good against strong colours ? as golden yellow, terracotta or sharp grei
Walls papered with antique maps nautical charts are equally striking, standard wallpaper paste and paper entire wall in brightly coloured maps, or them in panels framed with a piece moulding or even lengths of rope, to cr a nautical theme.

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