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The beauty of glass Bali home design

Drawn by the tactile beauty of glass, Seiki Torige, a master glass craftsman and designer, works recycled glass through all stages of production- melting, blowing, carving and sculpting. He often moulds the glass together with wood and iron, too. His impressive collection of modern glass designs range from flower vases to decorative table-ware. At his recent debut Bali exhibition, Torige’s words testify to his devotion to his chosen art form: “I met with numerous, unbelievable failures. Each failure felt as if part of me had died as such incredible effort had been poured into each creation. I came back to life as each success was achieved. All the pieces in the exhibition were the fruit of this experience. Anyone who comes to this exhibition shares both my failures and successes with me.”

1. Young coconut flowers decorate the “Giant Sushi Plate”, a rippled pattern handmade glass platter.

2. A red, blue and white abstract painting by a Balinese artist serves as a dramatic backdrop for a free-form recycled glass sculpture, “Vessel”, on a black console

3 & 5. A transparent hand-blown glass vase and a sandblasted hand-blown glass vase are perfect receptacles for tall plants, such as heliconias.

4. This recycled chiselled glass work with an unusual shape is quite aptly named “Boat”.

6. A fully laminated glass bar counter at the Biji restaurant at Begawan Giri Estate, outside Ubud.

7. The “Lombardi chair” is an amazing mixed-media sculpture concocted from teakwood planks, recycled glass and metal.

8. “Banyak Susu”, a slumped glass work laminated with sequin inserts. The dish in the foreground is “Elephant Foot”, made of recycled glass.

9. The “fish logo”, made of recycled slumped glass, and the custom made sushi and sake dinner set make a striking impression at Wasabi, a Japanese restaurant in Seminyak.

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