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Stippling is a pointilliste paint effect, similar to, but finer than sponging. It is done in the same way, using the same kinds of paint, but the paint is applied with a special brush to deposit speckles of colour. Because the Finish has to be evenly applied with a somewhat mechanical rectangle of stiff bristles, it is trickier than the soft clouds of colour produced by sponging.

Traditional blue-green

A soothing treatment for panelled walls and wooden floors, a blue-green colourwash was a frequent element of nineteenth-century painted interiors. It had counterparts in America, Scandinavia and the Regency Green of English country houses, so if it suits your home, you will be following in a strong tradition.

The wash was originally mixed in situ by itinerant painters whose repertoire of materials included the earth pigment terra verde (green earth), which is the heart of the traditional blue-green tone, and was mixed with egg white and buttermilk.


You can recreate the soothing charm of the blue-green finish without using the original ingredients. The interpretation of traditional blue-green shown opposite is achieved by using straightforward oil-based, satin-finish paints. Choose two tones that approximate the desired colour. Smooth bare wood first, to remove any major imperfections that will impair the finish. Using shellac to seal and prime the bare wood avoids an oil-based wood primer that would show white or pink under the paint coats. The shellac allows instead the wood colour to show through as the coloured paint coats are carefully rubbed back. Applying a clear, satin-finish varnish is an optional final stage.

Apply shellac (diluted with two parts meths) to the bare wood, using a household-quality brush. Leave this to dry.

2 Using a good quality brush, apply a layer of blue patchily. After drying, paint an even, flat coat of green on top.

3 When the paint is dry, rub it back gently using damp wet-and-dry paper, to reveal blue through green, and hints of grain.

4tVhen the surface is wiped and dry, mix one part burnt umber oil paint with ten parts white spirit. Brush on and wipe off.

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