Beach Home Design

Beach Home Design


4 Nail square section along the rear edge of each vertical section.

This will maintain a space between each panel and your wall – especially important if the wall is uneven. Place the panels against the square sections and nail on a strip of beading along the sides of the vertical sections to keep the panels in place. This beading will hide the nails added in step 3 and should match the round-edged, flat beading used on the horizontals, to give the panelling a professional-looking finish.


2 To make hidden screw fixings, first drill out 1 cm (1/2 in) of wood at the points to be fixed, using a steel dowel bit. Drill standard size holes for the screws you are using, through the centre base of these recesses. Place the horizontal section against the wall and punch a nail through the holes to make a mark on the wall at each point. Using a masonry bit, drill the wall, insert plastic wall plugs, then align the wood section and screw home. Inject a little wood glue into the hole and twist in lengths of 1 cm (1/2 in) diameter dowel.


Laying Floor Tiles

The ideal base for a floor of glazed clay is concrete, because the weight of the tiles needs a solid foundation. Always seek advice first if your want to tile over floorboards.

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