Bathroom Wall Paint Ideas

Bathroom Wall Paint Ideas
Although a simple technique to master, two-colour colourwashing in the right colour combination can bring grandeur to a plain wall. Here, the layers of wash have been built up deliberately in some areas more than others, so that the varying degree to which the base colour shows through creates a sense of texture an area of approx. lsq m (lsq yd); do not attempt to cover the whole wall. Then, take a slightly damp paintbrush and go over the wash to soften the brushmarks and wipe up any drips.
Do not worry if the walls look very messy and unattractive at this stage. Leave this coat to dry overnight, or for at least 12 hours, and it will improve with the wait.
Repeat the wash technique, again working on lsq m (lsq yd) at a time. This time apply criss-cross strokes to the areas you
Dry brushing is a great technique to use with strong colours, the dramatic texture of the cross-hatched brushstrokes enhancing vibrant shades; here green and yellow zing off each other. Equally, if you find solid colour boring, dry brushing can create a slightly distressed look: dry brush a lighter emulsion over a darker tone, say missed the first time. If you are working in a heavy-use or humid area such as a hallway or bathroom, it is possible that the finished effect would benefit from a protective coat of matt polyurethane varnish.

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