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Bali by design Bali home design

“Glass Piano” sculpture in laminated glass and sandblasted glass keys on a stone base, by Seiki Torige.

Artistic collaboration between outsiders and the Balinese is no new phenomenon. The intense creativity of the local population, the glut of wonderful and plentiful natural materials, and the celebration of the Hindu Dharma long drawn foreign artists to the island. The result has been works of assimilation, exchange and adaptation, as well as new forms.

In recent years, many such collaborations have turned into highly profitable operations. The lure of a pleasant climate, a cheap and talented local workforce and an abundant choice of materials with which to work act as the magnet for artists, designers and craftspeople from as far afield as the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and other parts of Asia. The cottage industries and individual artists of the 20th century have transformed into 2 Ist-century conglomerates. Large factories, mechanized (as well as made-by-hand) processes and modern materials are the physical manifestations of this new wave. Artistic influences from abroad are the impetus behind it

Because of the island’s unprecedented building boom, local demand is high for all types of decor items. Lavish interiors need modish decor accessories. This chapter presents a selection of up-to-the-minute furniture and furnishings, fabrics, kitchenware, tableware, lighting accessories, and garden features. There is also a selection of purely decorative objects- sculptures and paintings, for example- that will appeal to any tropical lifestyle afficionado. All items have that wonderful Bali-inspired feel- a feel-good factor any homemaker cherishes. As the originality and quality of such collections improve, export beckons. Nowadays, you are as likely to find them in overseas boutiques as in the local galleries and stores. Bali’s mark in the tropical design world is assured.

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