Baby Room Humidifier Or Vaporizer

Baby Room Humidifier Or Vaporizer

Natural fabrics

Linen, cotton twill, slub cotton and calico all work well when made into unlined curtains, as do lightweight, purpose-made textiles such as striped cotton sheets, Indian hand-printed

Two layers of muslin, each a different brilliant colour, are sewn together across the top to create a magical curtain which drapes and billows beautifully. Natural fibres such as cotton can be dyed colourfast at home in a washing machine with household dyes cotton bedspreads and saris with glittering woven borders (but remember that pure silk fades and even rots in sunlight). You can create your own decoration on an unlined cotton curtain by painting or drawing on it with special fabric paints or pens.

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Net, voile, lace and muslin are not intended to be lined, so they can be used to veil a window rather than to cover it up. They can be difficult to handle, especially if they are made from certain man-made fibres. If you find that they are slippery, try placing strips of tissue paper between the two layers you are sewing together and under the sewing machine foot; you simply tear the paper away

The single, flat, white unlined curtain that masks this window can be draped back to either side during the day. Braid strung with ornaments, laid flat across the top, adds visual interest and reduces the curtain’s starkness and severity afterwards. Use lightweight thread with shee Some of these fabrics have a top and bott hem already sewn into them and are sold rolls in different lengths to suit the heigh standard window sizes. Just buy the amou you need for the width of your window.

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