Art Deco Interior Design Ideas

Art Deco Interior Design Ideas

Art deco is generally sleek, with touches of drama in furniture and decor pieces. The feel is very glamorous with lots of industrial metals and lacquered wood accents. To add to its dramatic feel, black or a darker shade of purple is used as the main color. In order to counteract the dark feel of the color palette, table lamps with frosted shades can be used. This design is known for being intentionally overly decorated with bold colorful wall art, bronze accessories, and etched glass vases.

If you like Art deco, then think angles because it’s usually the angles that give away this styling. Think dramatic. Think theatrical.

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You may even be able to find pieces that are suitable to this style in second hand stores and they may just be the pieces that make the difference between bland styling and definitive Art deco. Image from Flicker by Art Deco Home Retro

When old trends make a comeback, it’s often with a modern twist. This style may be difficult to recognize at first look, but if you see classic pieces and colors that remind you of a specific era, then you’ll know it’s retro. Whether you’re going for 50s Americana or 70s disco, make sure to use materials and artwork that are reminiscent of the time. To keep the look modern and up to date, try not to saturate the space with too many nostalgia pieces.

The retro look brings back old type styling in cookers or refrigerators and colors that are pastel blended with other colors such as used in the tiling in this image. Image from Flicker by Finish Furniture

This kind of style can be something from your past or from TV shows that are in the retro style. If you think of the television series of the Fonz, this is the type of dateline that you are aiming for with furniture in the style used at that time and light fittings which are retro as well.

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