Architecture Home Ideas Kerala

Architecture Home Ideas Kerala


Wood can be lightened to give a soft, sun-bleached effect, like that of driftwood. Use specialized wood bleach available from good decorator’s suppliers.


Especially suitable for oak and other woods with a distinctive grain pattern, this milky finish lightens and adds interest to natural wood. Liming wax and liming kits are available from specialist paint and wood product suppliers. They come with clear instructions, but the process basically involves opening the grain of the wood by scrubbing along it with a wire brush, cleaning, working in the liming wax, wiping off the excess and polishing the dried wax. The wood must be clean and completely free of other finishes before application.

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Staining the wood between cleaning and liming will make the liming more noticeable. You can also obtain a similar effect to liming by repeatedly painting bare wood with coats of watered-down white or lightly coloured emulsion then wiping it off. This finish will need sealing with varnish.

Using paper, fabric and metal

In addition to the more conventional ways of painting or finishing doors described earlier ( 214 219), there are several exciting treatments which can be applied to them. With a little imagination and a bit of flair, any door can be transformed into a work of art by decorating it with painted patterns or large pictures.

Doors can also be covered with materials as diverse as different types of paper, fabric or even sheet metal.

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