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Apartment Living Room Designs

Apartment Living Room Designs

Interlined curtains

You need plenty of table space, plenty of nm in which to work undisturbed and plenty c experience in curtain making. The difficult is in keeping everything flat and straight s. that the curtains hang straight and smooth ; the end. Padded weights help, and som people also use large bulldog clips.

Making the curtains

Joins in the interlining need flat seams, mi J by overlapping the material by 2cm (Xin an zigzag stitching over the cut edges. Cut th interlining to the exact size of the finishes curtain (i.e. smaller than the main curtail fabric, which will have hem allowances). F_ in the side turns and hem allowance on i curtain fabric and press, then unfold then and place the interlining inside the creases.

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Attach the interlining to the main farr. with lock stitch, as for the lining, but whei you complete each row, lock stitch tb bottom edge of the interlining along thi hemline, from the last vertical row of lod stitch to the one you have just complete; Now fold and sew the turnbacks down ead side of the curtain with herringbone stitch Trim the hem allowance down to l’Xn (4in), then herringbone stitch this to h interlining. Attach the lining as before.

Hems and edges can be padded for a m ^ substantial look. Cut the interlining wiiei and deeper than the finished curtain. Tun back the edges and hem of the interlining first lock stitching the lines of these fold; the edge and hem creases on the front fabr_

4 Turn under the edges of the lining and slip stitch to the turnings of the curtain, around three sides.

1 Join widths of interlining by overlapping them and machine zigzagging over the cut edges.

2 Interlining is inserted between the front fabric anc lining, and attached to the front fabric with lock stnc.

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