Apartment Living Room Decor Ideas

Apartment Living Room Decor Ideas

“His other stroke of genius,” says Ford, “was to use numerous botanicals report-edly more than 50 so that no one could identify the flavor of any one herb or spice, and then sweetening it just right to create a perfectly balanced drink that was intended to be drunk on its own.” And that’s exactly what vermouth was from the 1860s until World War II: an elegant and sophisticated drink.

But the war cut off America’s supply of French and Italian vermouth, prompting stateside bartenders to use less and less of it in classic cocktails like the martini and Manhattan. (The original versions called for two parts vermouth to one part hard liquor.)

European producers responded to America’s shifting ratios by using blander wines as their base and changing their formulas, producing a spirit that was no longer as enjoyable on its own. But fortunately true vermouth didn’t disappear entirely

Ford, whose wife is Italian, became inspired to make vermouth after a trip to the Italian town of Courmayeur, where he had the chance to try local versions that blew his mind, so different were they from anything else he had ever tried.

“As it turns out I was actually in the birthplace of vermouth,” he says. “And after researching it to the end of the world, I realized that when made properly when crafted from locally sourced wine and brandy and flavored using the highest-quality botanicals, straight vermouth can be simply

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