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Apartment Designs For Small Spaces

Apartment Designs For Small Spaces

Sewn-on rings

Sew small brass, metal or plastic rings to the curtain top at intervals, with one at each end. These are not suitable for heavy curtains, where the rings might pull and tear the fabric.


In addition to standard plastic and metal curtain hooks which slot into heading tape and then into the runners or rungs, there are several clever types with special uses. Among these are the combined hook and slider, and the combined valance hook and glider. With the latter, the valance is divided and draws back with the curtain during the day, rather than remaining across the whole window like a pelmet.

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A decorative finial is usually fitted onto each end of a pole. They finish the pole with a flourish and need to be in proportion to the pole. A fiddly little finial on the end of a stout pole, for instance, will look silly. There is a wide choice of finials, including balls, spear heads, arrow ends, curlicues, rams’ heads, pineapples and many more, in a range of materials and finishes. B

Cording sets

A cording set is useful if the curtains are especially fragile or fine as it removes the necessity of pulling on the curtains to draw them closed. Sets can be bought with track or separately. Electric curtain track is also available. This has a small motor at the end ot the track which draws the curtains, activated either at the touch ol a button or by a remote control unit.

Draw rods are a simple alternative to a cording set. These are plastic rods, one attached to the leading edge of each curtain, which allow curtains to be drawn manually but without the fabric being handled.

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