Abstract Wall Painting Ideas

Abstract Wall Painting Ideas
Sponging off sponging off- like rag rolling off- creates a ilightly more subtle, cloudy effect than its :echnical counterpart.
Brush a coat of tinted oil glaze with the ronsistency of thick cream over the dried Jase coat using a wide decorating brush. Korking on lsq m (lsq yd) at a time to avoid he glaze drying out, wring out a sponge in vhite spirit and dab it swiftly on the wet rlaze, lifting some away from the surface.
Bagging is adapted from these techniques. Jsing a small cloth in a scrunched-up plastic >ag, dab the wall in the same way as you did Kith the sponge to create lively patterns. To >revent blotches of colour, wipe excess paint rom the bag from time to time.
Ideally, sponged and bagged walls which :ould be easily damaged should be sealed wth a protective coat of matt varnish.
A dramatic and relatively simple process to master, spattering is messy, so before you begin, ensure that the floor is covered with plastic and that you are wearing a mask and eye protection. The effect is cumulative, built up by spattering tiny dots of one or more colours against a base coat; two or even three spattering colours will add to the depth and richness of the effect.
Using a piece of newspaper as your practice wall, load a large decorating brush with paint or glaze and knock the metal part of it against a stick to flick off excess paint until you achieve the size of dots you want. Then, hold the brush parallel to the wall and knock it in the same way against a stick or piece of batten. Continue until the wall is covered in a fine spray of dots; stand back to check for any slightly bare patches and go over it again until the coating is even.
If you are using a second colour, allow the first dots to dry, before repeating the process with a second colour.

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