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Social scientists in Yugoslavia played an important role in criticizing modernist urban planning, following a similar pattern as in the United States and Western Europe. Sociologists like Herbert Gans, in the United States, and Peter Willmott and Michael Young, in Great Britain, had drawn

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Belgrade’s new master plan extended far beyond the city limits, deep into the city’s hinterland. The city was divided into four different zones—the narrow city territory, the city territory, the narrow city region, and the city region. The narrow city territory designated the already

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The urban planners charged with preparing a plan for Belgrade saw themselves as navigating unknown waters. Drawing on the corpus of urban planning knowledge in both the capitalist and the communist worlds, they would seek to design a plan that was consistent with the

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Ironically, the final disintegration of CIAM took place at the Tenth Congress, held in Dubrovnik in 1956. Kulic proposes that “the rising tensions [in the organization] were perhaps also a reason why CIAM tried to avoid public-ity and insisted on limiting the access of

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What would make Yugoslav decorating and urban planning truly social-ist, and what distinguished it from Soviet decorating, was its affirmation of the individual. Echoing the emerging discourse of self-management, and perhaps contemporaneous developments in global architectural culture, the texts stressed the importance of respecting

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The SKGJ pursued these various paths of inquiry in 1956 with the organization of the First Yugoslav Congress on Housing Construction and Habitation in Cities and the exhibit “A Dwelling for Our Conditions,” both held in Lju-bljana. The congress approached the problem of housing

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League, the Red Cross, and youth organizations. While we might assume that this role of the residential community was most important in the context of self-management, it was in fact the least well-defined dimension of its mandate. In his discussion of the residential community

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While sociologists had secured a role in the conception of new settlements, the establishment in 1965 of the Federal Institute for Communal and Housing Questions (Savezni zavod za komunalne i stambene poslove—SZKSP) gave social scientists an increased role in studying and evaluating these settlements

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LD CLAWFOOT TUBS are a staple in almost all of our renovations. In our opinion, it is somewhat life-changing to take a long soak in an old cast-iron tub. We rarely refinish them on the inside for two reasons: we like the natural patina

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versity to provide consulting services for $60,000 in valuable American currency—a sum that would be increased to $110,000 the following year.21 According to the contract, Wayne State University would provide resident consultants to Belgrade, who would be supplemented by on-demand consulting services from the