3 Ways To Cut Up An Old T-Shirt

Today we're here to do a very quick I'm very much so custom post haha um laughs you guys requested it it's on how to cut a t-shirt and many different ways kind of make it more into a cuter chain tapash more thing yeah some it might have been inspired by Miley Cyrus don't judge us a few ha ha ha ha I'm just thankful she's cool style sometimes based about like her be know now hums oh there are three different ones that did the first one is it's up.

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The Miley Cyrus inspired like crop ban tea I buy the low side um teeth comfort comfy tea yeah and the second one is a racerback pinch strap tank top that is healthier with some little bit fabric thank you and the third one is um a braided pacer back top yeah I'm just a harness it kind of goes like easiest to hardest sighs the cutest yeah it's really cute. So you don't want them all on post so they're actually all right here for you to choose. Because that would be like a 17-minute post and that's lame.

So you can actually choose which of the aisle that you want to see how to do and just click on us and that'll take you right to the post all right enjoy guys see you there, if you have any other requests just leave them below yeah.

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