Everyone this year we wanted to show you how you could have the best Valentine’s day for the most important words in your life yourself so go ahead and treat yo’self for these relaxing DIYs and ideas number one take it off and get so cozy so cozy number two you must put on your favorite music and jam out like Noah’s reading. Because literally no one is reading number three take a moment to browse tinder or your other favorite dating app just getting no do not do that actually how about we get off all forms of social media for the night now that sounds really relaxing number five make some mantra art to display in your home or room choose the folks that will really speak to you and write it in pencil on a piece of watercolor paper next we took some basic black acrylic paint not necessarily watercolor and go over your words the watercolor paper gives an amazing texture to the art, when it’s all done you can hang it up we use a bulldog clip, and we love how it turned out so inspirational number six break out your favorite diffuser and/or essential oils I have never used a diffuser before. But oh my god this little gem is so relaxing it’s kind of like magic number seven try something new or in my case is it cooking rolling making sushi I learned that you need a really sharp knife or wet it or something like that I don’t know they would not cut a clean line in this sushi I mean it tasted amazing. But it so did not look like what I know sushi is supposed to look like oh well here’s to trying new things right number eight, when is the last time you called your best friend or your mom or your dad or your uncle show some love to the ones you love.


And I know they’ll appreciate it number nine pin your nails and not just your fingernails your toes have missed you they told me trust me they told me number ten play around in a Zen garden wait you don’t have one well good thing we’ve got you covered all you’ll need is a shallow bowl some rocks to fill the bottom and then top it off with some very fine sand we got everything here from the craft store we thought these fake succulents were a gorgeous touch and erase list from a miniature garden set honestly I did not think this would be so relaxing number eleven, if you haven’t gotten the hint our advice is to DIY something people you can grow a crystal Gio just like this in one night the tutorial is linked below number 12 honestly planning relaxes me so planning my dream relaxing vacation would just be a win-win-win number thirteen remember that plant you bought. But didn’t give it a new home time to repot your plant babies you’ll get joy out of looking at how happy they are and their new little getup number 14 the backs are relaxing for most people. But is it still a bath without a fat teabag surprise yes this is a DIY in one bowl add one cup of Epsom salt one cup of rolled oats 1 cup of lavender buds and one tablespoon of coconut oil it’s all the ingredients together very well and then fill these little organza jewelry bags with the mix to create your TV number 15 while we’re on the subject of baths may I direct you to this luxurious cocoa bath scrub it’s so easy to make so in a bowl add one cup of coconut oil 1/2 a cup of epsom salts and can drop the lavender essential oil mix the ingredients well and then transfer them into an airtight container for safekeeping number 816 that’s the move for yourself turn off the overhead lights and go for candles or dim a lamp instead number 17 honestly when’s the last time.

You made a fort I thought so way way too long ago go make yourself a sport girl number 18 grab that adult coloring book and express your creativity we want new artwork for the fridge by morning go number 19 through 23 are in said fort or wherever you feel comfortable check out these lists which are available on at least Canadian and/or American next book number 19 the Graduate number 20 Ferris Bueller’s Day Off number 21 moonrise kingdom 22 the Princess Bride or check out 23 black mayors all of it oranges all of it number 24 your pillow is calling you via this sleep spray it was so easy to make first you’ll need an empty spray bottle to create your pillow spray in so the bottle one quarter of the way full with witch hazel next add 10 drops of lavender essential oil you haven’t figured out by now lavender is super relaxing use it in everything shake the two ingredients together really well fill the rest of the bottle with water and your spray finish we use some liquid gold leaf to draw on a little balloon people number 25 whether you’re trying to nap during the day have roommates or just feel more secure with an eye mask here is how to customize your own trace out to circle shapes on a piece of paper and connect them to form an eye mask shape custom shapes one set of cells and twice as some soft silk like material cut a strip of elastic long enough to wrap around the back of your head from ear to ear sandwich the elastic between the two pink layers with the good sides facing in using a needle and thread so almost entirely around the eye mask leave a gap at the top. So we can flip the eye mask inside up next slide the felt layer inside the mask set up the gap and make sure to do this with a matching thread so your stitches aren’t obvious we hope you all got some amazing ideas from this post have an awesome Valentine’s Day whether it’s with a partner your best friend or even yourself most especially, if it’s with yourself yes we love you all and love yourself guys next week I say.

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