10 Victorian Front Garden Design Ideas

OMETIMES A HISTORIC HOME’S WORST ENEMY is being on too large of a lot, too close to the center of town. In the name of “progress,” many homes are torn down to make way for larger commercial buildings or multi-unit housing. While we understand that people sometimes feel like this is necessary, we would never consider knocking over an old house or building.

We hope to share enough education and resources to help developers make better decisions. We are developers ourselves and try to create unique properties with old homes and buildings, much like this one, which is offices on the lower levels and a home and apartment on the upper two floors.

In the small rural town of Spring City, Utah, are several pioneer homes restored by people who truly understand the value of a historic home saved. Seeing the hand-hauled and -placed stone, original window moldings, floors and doors is a wonderful sight.

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Spring City is a special place. The entire town has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places because of the care and attention homeowners like the Peter and Ingelise Goss family have taken to preserve its history. Without people like them, these houses may have been lost forever. The Gosses have restored this home to look as it may have in the 1800s, with every attention to detail.

The Gosses used their extensive knowledge (Peter is on the State Historic Preservation board) to re-create what had been lost and save what was left. They use this home as a peaceful getaway from their primary home in the city.

It’s not hard to understand why the homeowners use this home as an oasis with its serene setting and mature trees it is like a scene out of an old blog.

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