10 Tropical Garden Design Ideas

All new floor-to-ceiling cabinets with molding at the top have been designed to look old. The lack of counter space under the glass-front cabinets is also a style from decades past and the blue paint makes the unit look like it has always been there.

Some things truly never go out of style. Something we say all the time is “If it looked good a hundred years ago, then it will look good a hundred years from now.” Toile wallpaper with painted trim is a classic look that never goes out of style.

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When you are planning a renovation, keep in mind that trends come and go, but some date a home more than others. Before you put the latest modern glass tile in your kitchen, consider how it will look ten years from now, fifty years from now. If you can say you think it will look great, then do it! If not, consider using something a little more timeless timeless, not boring! There are so many beautiful styles and materials that can still feel unique and fun. We’ve almost never seen a tufted couch that we haven’t loved; this is such a timeless upholstery style. Details like this diamond cutout in the cabinet, center, add striking character to a kitchen. This simple surround with amazing tile, far right, is a treasured original part of the home. Try to picture this foyer without all of its little details: the hardware, the inlaid floor, the moldings, the light. Homeowners today are sometimes a bit too content with new construction that has little or no character. WHEN TO UPDATE The bathroom, with original tile walls and built-in cabinet, got a little updating with a new sink and toilet. In another room, white paint has given the space a bright, fresh look. Radiators painted blue look like molding.

Our goodfriends hadjust bought their first historic home and invited us over to see it. We were overjoyedfor them and couldn’t wait to see what they were going to do with it. As we were leaving we noticed the house next door, what we now call the Ollie Berg House, and knew we had to have it had to love it back to life.

This happens a lot with us. You never really know when you are going to find another house to restore. We found out who the owners were and asked if they would be willing to sell. We were in luck; they were just about to put in on the market and we were under contract within 24 hours!

We have not started the full-scale remodel and restoration yet, but we did put a fresh coat of white paint on the facade as a signal to passersby that this home was going to be cared for. We did, however, finish the small apartment on the back of the home and made it a delightful little haven.

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