10 Small Rock Garden Design Ideas

We are sometimes lucky enough to buy a home that has been untouched for a century. More often than not, though, we are left with years and years of so-called improvements that have to be removed before restoration can begin.

This adorable little kitchen is in the back of the Ollie Berg House (named after the original architect). We did a small-budget remodel with Ikea cabinets and subway tile it’s not always necessary to spend a lot to make something beautiful. The biggest impact here comes from the $100 custom shelves and $25 desk lamps-turned-sconces!

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Another Spring City gem, this schoolhouse took the efforts of many local preservationists to get to its current site. Our goodfriend Zina remembers spending summers as a youth moving stone after stone from the neighboring town of Chester to the place the school sits today.

Once it had been reassembled, the schoolhouse was then converted to a unique and beautiful home. Years later, Otto Mileti became its new owner and steward. It is complete with an open and spacious main floor and an attic suite.

Imagining a new use for an existing building takes a lot of creative thinking and planning; it doesn’t hurt to have a good amount of self-confidence to actually make the changes.

One of the most stunning features of this turn-of-the-century home is its commanding staircase. Its hand-carved details and original finish are absolutely breathtaking and Chris and Alison Anderson, the homeowners, have added stunning artwork to accentuate the space.

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