10 Small Garden Design Ideas

10 Small Garden Design Ideas
Tips for Drying Flowers
1. Flowers picked to be air-dried should be as perfect as possible and moisture-free.
2. Flowers for drying should not be picked too early in the day. Let the warmth of the sun evaporate the dew first, and remove leaves from the stems to facilitate rapid drying.
3. The faster flowers dry the better they retain their colors.
4. Most flowers air-dry best when hung upside down.
5. Gather flowers in bunches and secure the stems with rubber bands. Hang upside down on a hook in a dry, dark area.
6. Dried materials can remain hanging indefinitely, as long as they are not hanging in a damp area.
7. To store flowers after they’re dry, place them between layers of tissue paper in cardboard boxes.
Tidbits That Are Fun to Know
If you want to make an arrangement of flowers for a special person or occasion, you should know that the names of flowers have meanings. If, for example, you’re throwing a bridal shower, you might like to decorate with baby’s breath, which symbolizes purity of heart. For a baby shower, fill little pitchers and teacups with buttercups because they suggest a childish cheerfulness. If your party is meant to introduce two people unlikely to get together without you, fill the room with peonies and roses. The first suggests bashful, the second represents love. An anniversary celebration might be enhanced with sunflowers and verbena, the first suggesting loyalty, the second fidelity. If you want to soothe away sorrow, do it with a vase filled with yarrow.
Say It with Veggies
If your fresh items come more from the supermarket than the garden, you might like to create an all-green arrangement with items like Granny Smith apples, heads of cabbage, grapes, long green peppers, leeks, and a few branches of green leafy vegetables all grouped in a salad bowl.

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