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Complicated legal and insurance battles over the entire World Trade Center site were continuing with no quick resolution in sight, as was the painstaking clearing of the debris, particularly from the basements of the various buildings and the vast underground train

However, since tower Number 7 had been a separate entity that Silverstein Properties had developed and owned privately, and was covered under a separate insurance policy that was not in dispute, it quickly became apparent that Silverstein was able to rebuild it. And so, one afternoon, I received a call from my old friend, Larry.

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Larry told me that he was, indeed, going to rebuild Number 7 and asked if I had a recommendation for an architect.

I did: the New York office of Skidmore Owings Merrill, with whom Tishman Construction had worked on many projects. Larry agreed with the recommendation, and we got to talking about the project.

I wanted to act quickly. The next afternoon happened to be a Friday. Larry was going to have Sabbath dinner at his daughter’s home, and I rushed there with one of our standard Construction Management contracts. He and I had a quick chat, a handshake, and figuratively put our signatures on the papers, all before sundown, when the Sabbath ceremony was to begin. The final papers would wait; we both understood that Larry wanted us to manage the rebuilding of 7 World Trade Center and, first of all, to help quantify the costs of replacement to which he was entitled.

Later, Larry would tell the magazine New York Construction, “There was never any doubt after [the attacks of September 11] who I was going to call to rebuild. It was the most natural reaction I could have had. And they didn’t hesitate either.”

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