10 Room Design Ideas For Living Rooms

When these homes were built, the attics were not generally finished. They were where the boys slept, and attic rooms weren’t meant to be seen. Now we want to use every inch of space available, so making good use of the attic is a natural place to add valuable and beautiful square footage.

Although the floor-to-ceiling cabinet on the right is new, it fits perfectly with this hundred-year-old antique wood cabinet with marble top and back. It’s not always more difficult to give something personality; it just sometimes takes more thought.

We name most of our houses they are like children to us. When we bought this home from an amazing and loving family, they explained that it had been in their family since it was built and has been a place where their family has come after difficult times. They called it the Healing House, and we have called it that ever since.

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It is such a touching sentiment to know that a home can be a place to heal and feel love. We believe that historic homes have many stories to tell about the people who have lived in them. People ask us all the time if we have ever felt anything “negative” or “scary” in them: the answer is no. No matter how bad of shape a home is in, we add so much positivity and love to them that we only feel happiness while working there.

This home is full of unique details; original brick and pristine painted shutters and trim are among our favorites. The welcoming front porch that spreads across the main part of the home anchors it and invites guests to sit a while and enjoy.

Inside the home are some amazing original details, like the coved ceiling and wood banister. The inlaid floors are a pure work of art and the brightness of the home makes it feel both open and cozy at the same time.

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