10 Lighting Design Ideas

10 Lighting Design Ideas
Designing with light
A Timeless and relatively inexpensive, paper lampshades look good whether or not they are lit. The range of shapes, sizes and colours of paper shades is now enormous, but they all have one thing in common: none should be fitted with a bulb that exceeds the manufacturer’s recommended wattage.
There is seldom room for a whimsical approach when lighting a kitchen. Sources should be placed so that work surfaces remain shadow-free, and where they illuminate the contents of open cupboards. It is also extremely helpful if they can be recessed out of dirt’s way, or at the very least be encased in easy-to-clean fittings.
As well as working out which types of light fitting would best suit your needs, it is vital to ensure that they are correctly positioned. If you adhere to the principle that good lighting is efficient yet unobtrusive, it follows that fittings should be placed where they can do their job without casting unwanted shadows or creating glare.

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