10 Ideas For Living Room Designs

The home has original wood-plank ceiling. In decades past, it was sometimes easier to paint a wood ceiling laid over log joists than to add a plaster ceiling.

This home will always be very special to me. It was the very first historic home I renovated (save my parents ’ home when I was sixteen) and was also the house that my dad grew up in. My grandma sold the house when I was about twelve years old and I quietly made up my mind to buy it when I was older. I knocked on the door one day and had to beg only a little.

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We haven’t been able to go through the house completely, but most of the systems have been updated, like electrical, heating and cooling, and the kitchen. Next up is the exterior.

It was so fun for me to take back the various remodels (sorry, Grandma and Grandpa) and bring it closer to its original state. Ceilings that had been dropped, shag carpeting and yellow Formica were all part of its life and are fondly remembered, but they had to go. One day I pulled off a piece of paneling and saw my grandpa’s name, Emo, written in cursive paneling glue. It made me realize what an honor it had been to be a piece of this house’s history.

This room belonged to my dad and his brother. Grandpa brought barn wood over from the old chicken coop and put it on the walls then decorated with red and black cowboy-themed items. It stayed that way until I was twelve years old, when the house was sold. After that it changed quite a bit, but the barn wood stayed.

When I became the new owner, I planned on taking out the barn wood because it seemed really dated; it was only my fond memories of the0 old cowboy room that saved it. Fast forward: reclaimed wood is now a very popular trend, and I had nearly ripped it out!

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