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We love original tile and the patina that it can develop. Almost all old tile can be brought back to life with some good scrubbing and buffing.

Candis grew up near this home and always admired it. It belonged to Max and Ruby, two happy and lovely people. They raised their family here and loved the time they spent in this home. They had done an extensive remodel sometime before 1980 but admitted that they weren’t enthusiasts of the Victorian look.

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One day Candis asked Ruby about the house. Candis had been working on Three-Twenty-Three (her first historic remodel) and was looking for inspiration in old houses; this home had been built around the same time. She asked about the trim inside and Ruby said, “The first thing I did was rip out those old mopboards!” Candis just had to laugh. It’s important to remember that not everybody sees old houses in the same way.

It is fun to honor the memories made here while still working to make the home a little more true to its origin. We are excited to show Ruby the new old mopboards that we are going to re-create.

We want to preserve as much of this home as we possibly can. We are keeping the original adobe exposed and rebuilding the front porch to look more like it did when it was first built.

The original adobe brick on this home has been exposed to the elements for the past 125 years, but very little wear has shown. We plan on keeping it exposed and protecting it with a good drip edge on the roof and efficient gutters.

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