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Even though we haven’t started our renovation on Ruby’s House, we still think it is beautiful as it is. It has one of the most intact primitive early Utah adobe brick exteriors we’ve seen. It is a great example of mature trees enhancing a property things we absolutely love in an old home! We plan on adding new “old” English trim that is a little more like what would have been there originally and a more ornate front porch.

We are often asked to share what the “worst ” home we’ve ever restored was hands down, it was the Skyline house. It was absolutely in shambles when we bought it and this 1800s beauty was slated for demolition. (We call it Skyline because its roofline perfectly mimics the skyline of the mountains behind it.)

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You never know why a beautiful historic home becomes neglected. It’s very hard for us to imagine ever taking out original trim or doors, ripping up floors or knocking down original walls. It’s almost like a disease: once it starts, it’s so hard to cure. It takes someone dedicated to historic preservation to love it back to life.

Skyline had sat vacant and ready for demolition for more than two years by the time we were the owners. The roof covering had been removed and it was exposed to the elements. The floors had been ripped out and all of the original features were gone. We restored the home over the course of three months and it has been one of our most fulfilling projects to date. We sold it to a wonderful family, the Squires. They are our good friends and “old homies,” and we couldn’t imagine Skyline having better caretakers.

It had been a long time since this home had heard the happy pitter-patter of little feet. The Squires feel like this house was always meant to be theirs and we couldn’t agree more.

When we restore a home, we don’t make it perfect. We once spent hours upon hours caulking, puttying, priming and painting a soffit made of beadboard. It literally looked brand new. There was an intense moment of loss for us when we finished. Now we like to leave things looking just old enough.

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